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Global change doesn't spring from on individual, but an entire team can achieve anything when they are united behind a common goal. At Healios, we work hard, we laugh, we share ideas, we think outside the box, and we change lives for the better, every day.

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The story of Healios–Rich Andrews, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Healios

Several years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and suffered from mental illness symptoms of delusions and hallucinations. I would go and visit him and he’d remember less and less every visit, which you’re told to expect. What I didn’t expect was feeling completely unprepared to support him and that I had to simply wait and watch him deteriorate without any tools to help him cope. I wasn’t expecting how it would impact me and my family or how unready we were for these moments. On top of this, getting his appointments with healthcare professionals were months away and then there was the additional stress of travelling and for family members to take time off work.

I would love to say my grandfather’s case was a one-off instance in our healthcare system, but after having other family members suffer from mental illness, I recognised there was a gap between what people needed from their care, and what they were getting - and that’s when I created Healios to make a difference to people’s lives impacted by mental illness.

In 2013, Healios was established with the vision to provide an exceptional service that feels part of your day-to-day lifestyle. A service where there are no waits for your care, that you can access anytime and anywhere. A service that enables your family members to be involved to support you through life’s challenges.

Since starting this journey, with our talented team at Healios, we’ve been fortunate to reach and improve so many lives with our services. We still have a long way to go!

George Good - Chief Technical Officer, Healios

George has more than 25 years’ experience in designing and creating technical platforms and has worked with large multi-national corporations, Formula 1 racing teams, start-ups and entrepreneurs. George brings a wealth of knowledge to Healios and is responsible for managing our range of digital technologies, so they combine seamlessly with our clinical protocols and service users, and to ensure our clinical platform (called Panacea) is always available, at any time, anywhere, for anyone.

The vision of Healios is to reimagine the way healthcare is delivered, and George leads the technical innovation programme. Following the creation of Panacea, George developed ThinkNinja, an app designed specifically for young people. The innovation pipeline is an exciting area for Healios and the future on mental health care.

Jem Wakeman, Head Of Design

As a designer within healthcare, this is always at the forefront of my mind and that’s where it will always stay. Design is not always about making things look good, but actually having design seen as an essential active ingredient to achieving clinical outcomes. This means working closely with clinicians and programmers in how design can improve engagement, capturing of clinical data or how it can help motivate behaviour change so users get the clinical benefit. I very much enjoy working alongside different functions to innovate and design how care can ultimately change people’s lives for the better. The design within healthcare is emotional. It enables me to demonstrate the ability to solve problems within complex systems. By mixing various design disciplines, I’m constantly finding new ways to interact and engage with others. Working within this industry is full of possibilities. Knowing that what you do on a day to day basis is genuinely benefiting others is exhilarating.

My work here at healios comes from the heart, it’s the most rewarding deign experience I have ever had.

Vanessa Sondheim, Senior Client Experience Manager (Operations)

I manage a team of Customer Experience Managers who deliver a smooth, professional and timely experience for our clients. I am responsible for processing lots of information from both our clients and our clinicians and as the first point of contact for our clients, it is essential they receive a first class welcome. I also assist with the training, mentoring and overseeing team members, ensuring that tasks are completed by driving best practice and continuous improvement.

The work we do as an organisation is important, providing the correct treatment and support for children, young people, and adults.

Having worked in the Financial Services previously, I really enjoy making a difference and helping people. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive changes we help create in the people we treat.

The Company is growing and there will be opportunity for future career development.

Tony Wright, Regional Business Director

After many years of working within NHS Mental Health services, I have encountered first-hand the effect of limited clinical resource and the increasing needs of vulnerable people. Being part of Healios, means I am ideally placed to ensure individuals receive the right assessment, treatment from a fully qualified clinician, all at the right time, and in a comfortable environment, which is usually their own living room or bedroom. Our work not only speeds up services, it enables greater efficiency in the system and eases the burden on my overstretched NHS colleagues.

Afolabi Olaniyan, Client Experience Manager

I work as a Client Experience Manager at Healios part of the Operations Team. I work on the Adult ASC (Autism Spectrum Conditions) Assessment Project which involves contacting clients about their referrals to make sure that their details on the referral form are correct, talking them through the next steps (the online appointment and how it works / flexibility & benefits, how to start their journey with Healios, and how to set-up their Healios account),  allocating, booking & rescheduling appointments, liaising with clinicians, health professionals and the IT team to make sure we deliver an exceptional healthcare service to our clients.

I am fortunate and lucky to be part of the transformation Healios is bringing to the healthcare sector. Being part of someone's journey through the service and to see the positive impact we have on their life is such an amazing feeling.

Liz Calcott, Clinical Implementation Manager

I work collaboratively with local NHS services, supporting the creation of innovative care pathways that bring together traditional face to face services, with our online clinical platform.  Once the pathways have been established, I work with the local workforce to provide them with all the information they need to talk with people that have been referred to use Healios. 

Natalie McIntosh, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

My role at Healios is incredibly varied! As one of the C&YP clinicians, I deliver the anxiety, low mood and family intervention pathways. In addition, I am currently being trained to deliver the family based eating disorders pathway, which is an exciting new intervention coming to Healios, that I am very lucky to be involved in. I am also part of the Healios Labs team. I work as part of the clinical team delivering innovative new projects that strive to support young people self-manage their mental health and emotional well-being. 

Healios is a young and innovative company, so there are always opportunities to expand your skill set and get involved in new projects, that are challenging, inspiring and exciting to be a part of. 

We strive to work through a few simple values

We want everyone to thrive at Healios. Our values reflect what we live & work by, as a company

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CBT Clinican C&YP

Healios clinicians have a central and vital role within the company, delivering a range of evidence-based psychological therapy programmes to individuals and families affected by mental health related issues. The current positions use manualised interventions, based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and involve sessions conducted ‘face-to-face’ via the Healios online platform.

Autism Assessment Clinican Adult/Children Services

Healios clinicians have a central and vital role within the company, delivering a range of psychological assessments and evidence-based psychological therapy programmes to individuals and families affected by mental health related issues. The current positions use standardised assessments, based on the Autism Diagnostic Interview – ADI-R/RAADS/ADOS and involve sessions conducted ‘face-to-face’ via the Healios online platform. You will deliver the Healios ASC assessment and intervention/support for adults or children and young people referred for a neurodevelopmental assessment and/or intervention. You will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in accordance with NICE guidelines.

Assistant Clinical Psychologist

We are seeking an Assistant Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about providing high quality patient care in an innovative new service and working with a dynamic and forward thinking team. You will undertake a wide range of duties including projects to assist the clinical team, the development of clinical materials, administration of clinical assessments and other clinical work as appropriate. There will be a significant audit/ research component and the expectation will be that work will be submitted for publication and presented nationally/internationally. Regular clinical supervision and in-house training will be provided to assist your professional development.

Consultant Psychiatrist CAMHS ND

We are seeking a Consultant Psychiatrist who is passionate and dedicated about providing high quality patient care in an innovative new service. You will have a central and vital role within the company supporting the delivery of our neurodevelopmental service to individuals and families affected by mental health related issues. You will undertake a wide range of duties across Healios providing psychiatric input to our clinicians, our clients and their families.

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