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Children and young people’s mental health

From emotional wellbeing and resilience support to more complex assessment and intervention care needs, we have a range of services to support children, young people and their families.

Neurodiverse children and adult services

Our care teams bring specialist assessments, diagnosis, support and interventions for neurodiverse children, young people and adults in the area of autism and ADHD conditions.

Supporting you all the way

We want to ensure your care needs are met. That’s why we bring the UK’s largest range of clinical specialists together through technology. Right from your first day with us, you’ll be assigned a care team of clinical experience coordinators and tech support engineers who will be there for you every step of the way.

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How we tailor your care plan to your needs
Three simple steps to
getting started
Account set-up and activation
All you need to do is complete a few details to activate your account. For extra security, you'll receive a verification email.
Book your first session
You'll be taken through some simple steps to book your first session.
Your clinician is matched to you
We’ll then match you to your specialist clinician.

Your privacy is taken seriously

Protected to give you peace of mind
We understand your health information is private and that you trust us with this personal information when you use our services. That’s why we are dedicated to protecting any personal information we receive from you, just like at your local doctor’s office.

National and international security standards 
With a certification in ISO27001 Information Security Management System standard and Cyber Essentials Plus, alongside the NHS Data and Security Protection Toolkit and a range of other security measures, we make the security of your data a priority.  

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Helping families move forward

“The staff were friendly and made the process easier by explaining things in an accessible and supportive way for both me and my son.”

- David, Parent

“Really quick responses, helpful and explained things clearly. The clinician was friendly and put me at ease. They didn’t rush me and made me feel comfortable speaking about tough things.”

- Andrew, Client

“It was so helpful to have direct face-to-face contact and support from the ADHD clinician. It was useful being able to continue meeting her for the three meetings after our son’s assessment. The follow-up sessions were invaluable.”

- Sarah, Parent

“The PowerPoint on the side of the screen during the sessions was good because it helped me visualise the strategies I’m now using.”

- Liz, Client