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29 March 2017

Healios Founder, Richard Andrews, wins multiple awards - Best Mental Health Executive UK; GHP Excellence Award for Suicide Prevention Initiatives

SOUTHAMPTON, UK, 28 March 2017 – Founder, Chairman and CEO of Healios, Richard Andrews, wins Best Mental Health Executive UK, and, GHP Excellence Award for Suicide Prevention Initiatives at the 2017 Global Health and Pharma (GHP) Executive Awards.

“I am honoured and truly moved to be the recipient of these two awards”, said Richard Andrews. “Winning these awards would not have been possible without our hugely talented team who are motivated and passionate about making a real difference in the lives of people affected by mental illness. I’m accepting these awards on behalf of the entire team, who every day help to make the founding vision of Healios a reality.”

Covering adult, children, and young people mental health services, Healios provides assessment, treatment and ongoing wellbeing monitoring immediately upon referral, all through a unique online digital platform. A Healios app captures important information about a patient’s suicidal tendencies enabling Healios and its partner NHS organisations to quickly respond and aid in preventing suicides.

“We are living in the age of a global mental health crisis with over 500 million people with mental illness around the world,” Andrews explains. “Our traditional healthcare service model is no longer fit-for-purpose and is failing to address the rapidly growing need and increasing demand. Here at Healios, we are working to change this every day, with accessible digital innovations.”

Andrews founded Healios after having close family and friends who suffered from mental illness and dementia, experiencing first-hand the challenge of accessing support for both those affected by the illness and the families involved. Healios works to ensure anyone experiencing emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties and their family can easily access the best possible care that fits around their lifestyle and needs, on their journey to a better quality of life.

The 2017 GHP Executive Awards honour those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that demands are met on time and to an impeccable level. In an industry that is ever-changing, these individuals have displayed great passion, achieved remarkable results and shown true dedication to their area of practice.

Jessie Wilson, Awards Co-ordinator at GHP, expressed her pride in her deserving winners, “It has been a true privilege to showcase the hard work and dedication of these exceptional individuals, and I would just like to congratulate them on their success and wish them the best of luck going forward.”

About Healios

Healios is the UK’s leading digital healthcare company, bringing the whole family together to maximise long-term outcomes and well-being. We reimagine the way children, young people, and adults access and receive mental health services by blending the best of technology with specialised clinical expertise and a personal human connection. At Healios, we transform mental health services by providing quicker diagnosis, faster access to evidence-based psychological therapies, and earlier intervention to create a unique online experience - getting patients and families the right care when and where they need it. Healios is commissioned by NHS CCGs, Mental Health Trusts and local authorities across the UK, and can also be accessed privately. Healios’ Family Intervention service manual for psychosis and schizophrenia has been endorsed by NICE for both the clinical guidelines and quality standards. For more information, visit

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