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11 January 2019

Download our report on "How to reduce your CAMHS waiting times"

Demand for CAMHS services is at an all-time high and recent research shows C&YP referrals have increased 26% in five years. Furthermore, 50% of children and young people once assessed, are waiting more than 18 weeks to start treatment.


Healios is pioneering digital mental health pathways in a family-centric way and is working in partnership with NHS Trusts and CCGs to improve their ‘referral to assessment’ and ‘referral to treatment’ waiting times. This partnership mentality is key to diagnosing problems, co-designing new care pathways and delivering effective and efficient care.

Everything is created around the needs of patients and their families, providing clarity and choice, should I have traditional care or choose digital therapy? For NHS Trusts, it creates additional clinical capacity and flexibility, there are no additional infrastructure or set up costs required and resources can be allocated to where they are needed most. This partnership enables the team to reduce overall waiting times, getting them down from months to a matter of days!

A summary of the three keys to success are:

  1. Adopting a ‘partnership mentality’ with clear roles and accountability
  2. Co-design clear care pathways
  3. Deliver hybrid solutions so patients have a choice

At the heart of the Healios offer is a unique online clinical platform, staffed by experienced and fully qualified clinicians. The service is extremely flexible, and available when users need it most, 85% of sessions are run between 3.30pm and 8.00pm. The solution provided by Healios can be tailored, meaning it can be scaled to local demand. Over the last year, in just one NHS Trust, Healios managed 820 referrals which helped remove the backlog and satisfaction scores hit 9.3 out of 10 for the service.

What our NHS Partners are saying:

“Healios’s innovative online model has helped us to bring our waiting lists down for C&YP mental health assessments and intervention and, provide the support our C&YP and their families need quicker. Healios listened to our challenges and were immediately able to offer the required scaled capacity across multiple service lines in a flexible and convenient manner to maximise accessibility of the service. Healios keeps us well-informed of the progress made allowing us to keep abreast of our situation.”

                                    Quality Governance & Improvement Lead at NHS Foundation Trust

Matt Hancock is on a ‘mission to travel the world to bring the best technology to the NHS’, the good news is there are many he doesn’t need to travel far to find the best mental health technology.
If this resonates with you, please contact us to discuss how we can specifically help address your mental health challenges.

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