Help with back to school worries – ThinkNinja launches new content to support children and young people returning to school

Help with back to school worries – ThinkNinja launches new content to support children and young people returning to school

ThinkNinja has new content to support the increased anxiety, stress and worries children and young people around the country face as they return to their schools and colleges, or transition to new schools after the summer holidays. This anxiety and low mood is compounded by the ongoing COVID-19 situation, and the long break from education and socialising they have experienced – in some cases several months out of the school environment.

The new content added to ThinkNinja was created by specialist child psychologists and encourages young people to understand and look at changes and transition in their lives – how to cope, face new challenges, say goodbye to something familiar and identify their hopes for the new start. In addition there are new school ‘top tips,’ a specific ‘face my fears’ section on travel to a new school, COVID-19 content and ways to manage unhelpful thoughts, as well as relaxation tips.

ThinkNinja was the first mental health app to complete the rigorous technical and safety assessment of NHS Digital and be approved on the NHS Apps Library in response to the NHS’ invite to tech providers and proactive approach in identifying, unlocking and delivering viable and scalable solutions to help children and young people, one of the most vulnerable groups, during the coronavirus pandemic.

ThinkNinja is freely available for the mental health and emotional wellbeing of every 10-18 year old in the UK during the coronavirus crisis. You can visit the NHS apps library to find out more:

About ThinkNinja

ThinkNinja® is a mental health and emotional wellbeing app for children and young people aged 10-18 years. ThinkNinja® is a pioneering innovation built by combining child psychologist expertise with technical and design as well as extensive input from children and young people. At the heart of ThinkNinja® is an AI-driven virtual avatar, called ‘Wise Ninja,’ that acts as a mentor and “virtual coach in the pocket” who guides the user through clinically related questions that are built on evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles. The app is designed as an easily accessible and 24/7 available resource to educate children and young people about mental health and emotional wellbeing. The input from Wise Ninja combined with fun, interactive and engaging content, enables the young person to learn and develop self-management skills and CBT techniques for when they are experiencing daily life stresses as well as symptoms of low mood or anxiety.

ThinkNinja is available on Apple iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from both the Apple AppStore and Google Play.