We help the NHS improve patient outcomes and deliver better care in the most effective way possible.

The Triangle of Care

At Healios, we embed the triangle of care into our service for the best opportunity to improve patient long-term outcomes.

We optimise the care environment outside treatment team walls, all while providing the treatment team key information on the patient status to ensure they can respond more effectively.

We’re working with the NHS, CCGs and Providers to transform care pathways in a financially responsible way.

With Healios, people in need can easily access outcome-based interventions from their home, in a cost-effective approach, freeing up important NHS resources.

We're a Financially Reponsible Option

When compared to other options, Healios produces direct cost savings of up to 62%

Family Intervention costs for 10 sessions taken from the National Schedule of Reference Costs 2011-12 – NHS own costs. Department of Health (2012).

Direct cost savings provided by Healios

Outcome Focused Benefits

Patient and Family Outcomes
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Improved carer burden and mental well-being
  • Improved patient and carer quality of life
  • Reduced hospitalisations
  • Reduced symptom severity
Greater Cost Saving
  • Direct cost savings on delivering psychological and behavioural-type interventions
  • Reduced hospital costs through lower hospitalisation rates and reduced length of hospital stay
Improved Service Quality Metrics
  • Greater service reach and accessibility
  • Improved service user quality and experience metrics and CQUINS for family intervention
  • Increased community level care
Improved Clinician Effectiveness
  • Early warning for patients that need additional treatment
  • Allows treatment teams to prioritise resources more effectively
  • Frees up clinician time to focus on more complex cases

We’re driving new standards in access and waiting times for outcome-based interventions:

From referral to first session in less than a week

From referral to first session within two weeks

Healios can start supporting your patients and families immediately, with initial set-up taking less than a week.

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Reduce Length of Hospital Stay

Improve Symptom Management

Increase Medication Compliance

Reduce Alcohol and Drug Use

Improve Patient and Carer Mental Well-being

Reduce Weight that is Sustained

Reduce HBA1C

Reduce Hospitalisations and CV Events

Reduce Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Increase Compliance with Medication

Increase Quality of Life

Healios is available for the following conditions:

Mental Illness







Adjustment Disorder

Dementia / Alzheimer’s disease

Physical Conditions


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have endorsed Healios' family intervention service manual for psychosis and schizophrenia in meeting both the clinical guidelines and quality standards for family intervention. Please click here to go to full details of the NICE endorsement.

We can help you achieve your clinical pathway targets.

Contact us on +44 (0) 3303 350 603 or info@healios.org.uk

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