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Increasing access.
Transforming care.

Healios is reimagining the way children and adults with mental health challenges receive evidence-based psychological therapies by including the whole family to achieve the best outcomes. Combining technology with qualified clinicians, Healios brings a completely new interactive experience to increase engagement with therapy - so everyone has the best chance of a better quality of life.

Best of

Our interactive technologies bring the most effective and accessible experience to your home.

Personal Human

Dedicated clinicians will support and coach you to achieve your goals.


Built on techniques shown in clinical practice to create better outcomes.

Real time

Informing treatment teams of any change in patient status so they can step in when it matters most.


Involving the patient and family together for the best possible results.

30 Years of Evidence.

Our intervention is based on over 30 years of evidence in clinical trials around the world proving behavioural change techniques improve patient and family outcomes in many different ways.

"It’s wonderful, brilliant. I feel as though there is someone there for me. I am improving how to manage things including my job."

- Mother whose son has schizophrenia

of customers are Very Satisfied with their sessions and 15% Satisfied

of customers rate Healios’ service quality as Excellent with the remaining 25% as Good

of customers would Definitely recommend our service to a friend in need

We can help you achieve your goals.

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